A slightly charming, often sarcastic, purveyor of various goods... usually belonging to others.


Kyden, was born and “raised” in the seedier parts of Irongate. Having lived the majority of his life within the city, he has come to know it fairly well, especially the darker side of things. From a very young age, Kyden was responsible for supporting himself. First begging, then stealing food from the vendors, coin from those he passed on the street, the young Halfling was quite a proficient little thief by the time he was ten. As he grew older, he encountered an old thief who regaled him with tales of adventure outside the city walls. The more he heard of the outside world, the more Kyden started to yearn for the larger world out there. Eventually, Kyden managed to start taking the odd job here and there, sometimes to scout out areas for exploration, other times engaged in… less socially acceptable work. Over time, Kyden managed to hide away a bit of money and began making plans to explore that outside world. He started with serving as a scout for groups making forays into nearby ruins and woods. His natural stealth combined with his small size frequently enables him to enter places unseen, and he employs these abilities and ruthlessly to get ahead.

Kyden, as one of the hin, is small, the size of a large child. Unlike many of his kind, he does not have the normal bit of extra weight from a lifetime of carefully rationing his food and drink, though he is more willing to indulge now that he is beginning to gather a small bit of wealth. Naturally charismatic, Kyden often tries to employ words before reaching for a blade, though he will not hesitate to use the latter if he feels it is the best approach. Kyden tends to be fairly guarded about himself with strangers, a characteristic born of the life he has led on the streets. Should he come to trust a group, Kyden would likely be a loyal, though not completely trustworthy (he is a thief, after all) companion as he has never had the benefit of truly being accepted as anything more than an accomplice or “employee”.

Through his years in Irongate, Kyden has made more than a few enemies, mostly other street folk whom he outsmarted or beat to the punch on a job.


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