Races of Varith

Although I’ve been playing D&D for several decades, I’ve never really been fond of the term “halfling”, or for that matter “half-elf” or “half-orc”. Then, on one of the forums, someone suggested the term “hin” for the halfling race. Bingo. With the release of 4E, I was dismayed to see the abysmal lack of imagination given to naming some of the new races. Goliath? Shardmind? Shifter? Wilden? Arrgh!

As the concept of this setting began to gel, it seemed that the fluff, not the mechanics, of the races was about to change, so I figured I’d do something with the names as well. Some might consider the new names stupid, but at least they’re imaginatively stupid.

As noted under the “home” tab, creation was torn asunder and three planes were formed, the Mortal World, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell. Races of the previous age were cast among the three planes, and have since taken on qualities of thos planes. Other races were formed in an act of spontaneous creation during the time of the unraveling and reknitting of creation.

Here are the names of the races, with the old name first, followed by the new name in parenthesis. Some have not changed. The Flawed Creation setting makes provisions for evil campaigns, and some evil races are given as well.__

Dark One (Kaldiran),Deva (Deva),Dragonborn (Dray, I like the Dark Sun name),Drow (Drow),Duergar (Duergar),Dwarf (Dwarf),Eladrin (Eladrin),Elf (Elf),Githzerai (Githzerai),Gnome (Gnome),Goliath (Maelig),Half-Elf (Larellian),Halfling (Hin),Half-Orc (Nossul),Human (Human),Minotaur (Tauren, I know it sounds like it belongs in another game, but I had to get away from mythology),Rakshasa (Rakshasa),Shadar-Kai (Shadar-Kai),Shardmind (Cylian),Shifter (Breelan),Tiefling (Tiefling),Wilden (Vindiri)

The Planar Split is responsible for the divergence of many races, and their apects to be found on each plane is given below. The origin descriptors (fey, natural, etc. remain unchanged)

Mortal World Aspect________________Feywild Aspect_______________Shadowfell Aspect

Races of Varith

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