the Great


Talerion grew up in the Windy Vale, in a rather sheltered town called ****. He was the youngest child of a large family of farmers, and often acted out to get the attention of his elders. Being a rather superfluous child, he found that he had a lot of time to himself. There was a retired bard in the village who filled up this free time by teaching him stories and to use several instruments.

As Talerion matured, his restlessness increased. He seemed to have a knack for trouble, or ‘adventure’ as he called it, and could usually be found in the middle of most of the village mischief. Eventually, the village elders decided to put this to use, and tasked Talerion with carrying messages, supplies, and providing an escort as needed between the scattered villages.

Talerion loved this, and spent his time riding between villages creating new stories and songs. He was often asked to perform a tale or sing a song while on his route. In exchange, he would learn folklore and what limited history there was from the elders.

This continued for several years, until Talerion was chosen from this village to be sent to Irongate.


Flawed Creation Talerion