Priestess of Pelor


Elhara stands at about six feet tall, with a slender figure and straight blond hair that falls to her shoulders. Violet eyes give her beauty a striking, slightly unusual effect, though her gracefully pointed ears are all that belie her Larellian heritage.

At seventeen, Elhara’s youthful appearance and beauty can distract from her maturity and sagacity; widely looked to in her village for counsel, she is considered wise beyond her years (though her intellect is nothing exceptional). Her beauty complements her natural charisma, but about a year ago Elhara’s openness and generally friendly demeanor were replaced by a more reserved and guarded approach to those outside the village.

Elhara is forthrightly pious and devoted to Pelor, though she prefers to lead by example rather than with dramatic sermons or preaching. She can usually be found dressed in modest robes of the clergy of Pelor, and she favors clothing in shades of yellow and white almost exclusively.

Character Background

Elhara hails from the village of Sunmeadow, a small farming community with a central location in the Windy Vale, situated on the River Kendrichee. The village is located on a broad, flat plain, with excellent soil for farming. The village is largely unremarkable when compared to others in the Vale, except for the large, stone temple of Pelor in the middle of the village. It is unclear why there is a temple of this size in such an area, but the villagers just assume that, because of the geography, the bright, sunny village sprang up around the temple built by a pious community of worshippers. The temple is something of a curiosity and it occasionally attracts visitors, usually an acolyte or a priest from the city of Irongate.

Elhara’s two parents, Daran and Liri, are modest but respected members of the Sunmeadow community. Daran and Liri used to be the town’s two clerks, record-keepers who track the births, deaths, and marriages of Sunmeadow and the three tiny hamlets nearby, as well as collecting the minimal taxes that are paid to Irongate, and organizing the seasonal markets and holiday celebrations for the village. Both Daran and Liri have served as the village’s mayor at one point, but the post is currently held by another.

Elhara has no siblings, and was not born to Daran and Liri until they were thirty one and thirty, respectively; the conception was surprise to them both. She was a serious, mature child and demonstrated her wisdom from an early age, which brought her to the attention of Cynath, the high priest of the temple of Pelor. She started her schooling at the temple early and at age ten was admitted as an acolyte, alongside Marc, a raven-haired youth from Upriver, one of Sunmeadow’s associated hamlets.

Her parents were very proud, and over the years the village grew fond of Elhara, expecting that she would eventually take over Cynath’s position. Though Marc and Elhara were friendly for a long while, by the time they were both ordained as priests at age 16, the friendliness had been replaced by rivalry. Marc was smarter, but Elhara wiser and more popular, and this led to a mutual resentment.

For now, however, her quest is taking her to Irongate and beyond…


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